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South and North Cemeteries Beck Road

Graves must be maintained to a satisfactory standard, all repairs to graves or headstones to be carried out in line with current Health and Safety legislation i.e. unsafe (leaning) headstones

Graves must be levelled and grassed over

Graves not to be levelled until a period of 6 months has elapsed

Permission will not be given to erect a headstone before this time

Mounds, kerbs gardens and/or loose stones are not allowed.

Headstones and/or memorial vases may only be erected after permission has been sought and the requisite fee paid

No inscriptions or drawings on the back of headstones, only Monumental Stone Mason's name and address

Where there are no headstones, memorial vases are to be placed at the head of the grave.

Maximum of 2 vases per grave. Please keep all vases, pot plants etc on the grave plinth itself

All flowers, plant/pots wreaths etc. will be removed 2 months after Christmas, and 14 days after Easter Sunday. At all other times, 14 days from placement on the grave.

Grave spaces cannot be purchased or reserved, but the Exclusive Rights of Burial may be purchased.

Isleham Parish Council reserve the right to maintain a level surface in the cemetery without further consultation

Skate Park

This facility is designed for Skateboards, Skates and scooters and has been provided by all the hard work of the Isleham Community Skatepark Group, Isleham Parish Council grants from Amey Cespa and Sanctuary Housing.


All persons use this facility at their own risk


All children should be supervised by an accompanying adult


This facility must be used only for its intended purpose


When using,and travelling to and from the skatepark, please show consideration towards other people using adjacent facilities


For personal safety, protective equipment (helmet, elbow and knee pads) are advised to be worn at all times


In the interest of general safety, animals and glass objects are not allowed on this skate park


This facility is for your enjoyment, please help us to keep it clean, safe and in good condition.

General Rules covering Allotments, Cemeteries and Skate Park




Information Protection Policy

Neighbourhood Plan

Information Protection Policy

Housing Needs survey report 2019

Public Spaces Protection Order Dog Fouling

Responsibilities of a Riparian Owner

Fly- Grazing             Law now in effect

Flygrazing is the act of leaving a horse on private or public land without permission.

East Cambridgeshire Planning Policy Updates

Adoption of the East Cambridgeshire Local Plan