A New Gardening Year – 2017

Why Join Isleham Gardener’s?

As members of Isleham Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association we enjoy the following benefits:
– Your local Association hope to encourage greater enjoyment in gardening and the cultivation of allotments
– Regular talks on gardening topics by professionals in their field.
– A variety of other social occasions.
– A pleasant opportunity to meet with like minded people.
– 10% discount on plants and sundries purchased from Scotsdale’s Fordham Garden Centre.

Affiliated to:
The National Allotment Association
The National Vegetable Society
Royal Horticultural Society

May 2013 Open Meeting – “Pest Control”

The meeting was held on Tuesday 18th June at 7:30pm. in the Isleham Marina Social Club and was attended by twelve existing members and one new member.

The presentation was made by Julian Ives of Dragonfli Ltd.

Julian has worked in horticulture since his career started as a trainee gardener at the RHS Harlow Carr gardens in Harrogate. He studied commercial horticulture at Writtle Agricultural College before joining a horticultural sundries company as a technical sales representative.
After gaining a valuable insight into the supply needs of commercial growers, Julian left to join the pioneering biological control company, Koppert Biological Systems. For over ten years he advised growers on the beneficial insects (natural enemies of plant pests such as parasitic wasps and predatory mites) and polinators before moving into management of the UK branch of Koppert.
Julian then decided to take his knowledge of biological control into the consumer sector, co-founding Just Green, a mail order company supplying natural pest control products before moving on to form Julian Ives Consultancy and now Dragonfli Ltd.

Julian’s presentation focused on methods of boosting populations of beneficial insects, plants, animals and birds. This included creating wildlife habitats suitable for supporting pollinating insects and the introduction of native bumblebees to boost local bee populations.
For the insects less welcoming in the garden or horticulture due to the damage they cause Julian explained how to control insect pests when required whilst causing minimal damage to the countryside. These biological controls include the use of natural preditors, parasites and nematodes, also natural short persistance insecticides.
To avoid the use of man made fetilisers and pesticides he outlined the use of beneficial fungi, bacteria and plant stimulants.

Information regarding products for the above, and purchase of same can be obtained at www.dragonfli.co.uk

Refreshments were provided by Ann Ford and Chris Maxfield.

The next open meeting is to be held Tuesday 17th September at the Marina Social Club. Please follow the Events Calendar on this website for details.

Thanks goes to Isleham Marina for use of their clubhouse whilst the new community centre is constructed. As a token of our gratitude for this Isleham Gardeners are assisting Isleham Marina in their support of the Anglian Air Ambulance.

Isleham Gardeners Quiz with Cheese and Wine held May 21st 2013

The Isleham Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association held a quiz night with cheese and wine in the Marina Clubhouse on Tuesday 21st May 2013.

The event was attended by 31 members and friends. Quiz master was Chris Maxfield, chairman of the association. Chris set a testing set of questions but some very high scores were achieved. Prizes of £30.00 first, £20.00 second and £10.00 third were awarded.

The evening started with wine and nibbles. At the mid point of the quiz further wine accompanied with a traditional selection of cheeses, butter, biscuits, celery and tomatoes were consumed.

Thanks goes to Vice Chairperson Margaret Davies and committee member Helen Hall for preparation of the food. Also Ann Ford for selection of a fine red wine and Howard Copestake for his excellent Italian white wine.

Thanks also goes to the support of friends especially the Womans Institute helping to make the event a success.

Thanks also goes to Isleham Marina for use of the club house.

The event, including the raffle raised a total of £62.78 for the Isleham Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association funds. Thanks also to all those that donated additional prizes for the raffle.

April 2013 Open Meeting – Life at Anglesey Abbey

The meeting was held on Tuesday 16th April at 7:30pm in the small room of the village hall and was attended by thirteen members.

The presentation was made by Richard Ayres MBE who served as a gardener and head gardener at Anglesey Abbey for over forty years and more recently at Kirtling Tower. He is especially well known for his drifts of beautiful white snowdrops at Anglesey Abbey and has had the honour of having a snowdrop named after him.

Richard’s presentation included a history of Anglesey Abbey from its first beginning to the present time. With the aid of his excellent slides, Richard gave us a virtual tour of the gardens. He included information regarding the way the gardens have developed and are maintained along with intriguing facts on the many items in the gardens.

He concluded his presentation with slides of his own garden, which was very impressive, providing Isleham Gardeners with some real inspiration.

His garden at 21 Lode Road, in the village of Lode is open to the public on 12th May, 16th June, and 14th July between 11am and 5pm. A visit is highly recommended.

Refreshments were provided by Margaret Davies and Ann Ford.

This is the last meeting to be held in the village hall, future meetings are planned to take place at the Isleham Marina Club Room until the new community centre becomes available – please see the Events Calendar for information on future events.


March 2013 Open Meeting – Organic Vegetable Gardening

The meeting was held on Tuesday 19th March at 7:30 pm. in the small room of the village hall and was attended by fifteen members.
The presentation was made by the return of the popular RHS listed speaker, Terry Rands. Terry manages his garden organically and has been giving gardening talks, running courses, and attending gardening question events to over ninety organisations during the last ten years. He has exceptional knowledge on a variation of subjects, particularly organic and wildlife gardening areas.

Terry covered growing most vegetables organically and his presentation included many useful tips that will be taken up by the members attending to enable them to improve their vegetable crops.

Many questions were asked by members and all skilfully answered by Terry. It is a major benefit for all those that attend the Isleham Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association meetings to have access to such gardening experts as Terry.

Refreshments were provided by Ann Ford.


February 2013 Open Meeting – Growing Clematis throughout the year.

The meeting was held on Tuesday 19th February at 7:30 pm. in the small room of the village hall and was attended by fifteen members.
The presentation was made by Roy Nunn a clematis specialist. Roy and his wife are custodians of a large collection of clematis varieties including many that they have developed.
Roy is the Vice President of the International Clematis Society having had a keen interest in gardening from an early age, and more particularly in clematis for the past 20 years.
He propagates plants from seeds and cuttings and assesses suitability for garden use. Following retirement from his work as a Building Surveyor at Trinity College, Cambridge he spends some time writing for various publications about the merits of growing the small flowered clematis.
Members left the meeting well informed regarding clematis varieties and their care to be able to enjoy flowering clematis throughout the year.
Refreshments were provided by Margaret Davies and Ann Ford
January 2013 – Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held in the small room of the Village Hall at 7:30 pm on 22nd January 2013. At the meeting, wine soft drinks, wine and nibbles were enjoyed by the fifteen members that attended.
The meeting was concluded with a gardener’s forum under the chairmanship of Chris Maxfield. Many questions were raised and discussed by members and in the main answers found.

Minutes of the AGM

1. Present
The meeting was attended by: Chris Maxfield, Ann Ford, Andrea Copestake, Howard Copestake, Jeannette Malkin, Ian Thorburn, Christine Hewitt, Clive Hall, Helen Hall, Margaret Davies, Glenda Preece, David Alberry-King, John Collyer, Pam Alberry-King, and Jenny Hodd. Apologies from Sally Chaplin, Sue and Rob Hall.
2. Welcome
The Chairman welcomed attendees to the meeting.
3. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 18th January 2012
The Minutes were circulated and there were no matters arising.
Chris Maxfield proposed adoption of the Minutes; seconded by Howard Copestake.
4. Secretary’s Report
The Secretary’s Report was circulated to the meeting.
Clive Hall proposed acceptance; seconded by Jenny Hodd.
5. Chairman’s Comments
The Chairman said that the Committee had worked very hard during the year and, although not every event was a success, they had had fun and worked well as a team. She thanked each of the Committee members present for their individual contribution and remarked on the successful financial outcome.
6. Accounts
The Treasurer presented a statement of income and expenditure for the period ended 31st December 2012 showing £522.44, although he had noted a slight discrepancy in the figure brought forward from the previous year which he would investigate further.
7. Adoption of the Accounts for the previous financial year
Harold Copestake proposed adoption of the accounts; seconded by John Collyer.
8. Election of officers
The officers of the Committee confirmed their willingness to stand for re-election.
Voting was as follows:
Chris Maxfield. Proposed by Jenny Hodd; seconded by Clive Hall. Vote carried unanimously.
Vice Chairman:
Margaret Davies. Proposed by Chris Maxfield; seconded by Jenny Hodd. Vote carried unanimously.
Pam Alberry-King. Proposed by Margaret Davies; seconded unanimously.
Clive Hall. Proposed by Chris Maxfield; seconded unanimously.
Committee Members:
Helen Hall. Proposed by Howard Copestake; seconded unanimously.
Sally Chaplin. Proposed by Jenny Hodd; seconded unanimously.
Ann Ford. Proposed by Clive Hall; seconded unanimously.
Jenny Hodd. Proposed by Chris Maxfield; seconded unanimously.
Howard Copestake. Proposed by Clive Hall; seconded unanimously
All committee positions were filled with the exception of Publicity/Events Officer.
9. Appointment of Auditors
Clive Hall, Treasurer, to approach Robert Blair F.C.C.A. to audit the 2011/2012 accounts.
10. Events
A copy of the events programme January – November 2013 was presented to all attendees.
11. Vote of thanks
Ian Thorburn proposed a vote of thanks to all Committee members. Margaret Davies thanked the Chairman on everybody’s behalf for all the hard work she had done during her time in office.
There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed.

December 7th 2012 – Mince Pie & Mulled Wine Event – St Andrew’s Church Social Centre
The above event raised a total of £173.44 for the Isleham Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association Funds.
Many thanks go to all those that supported the event.
It is planned to repeat the event in 2013.

November 2012 Open Meeting Report

The last open meeting was held Tuesday 20th November in the back room of the village hall. The meeting was attended by fifteen members bravely conquering the mud that engulfed the village that day – we are used to it we are gardeners.

The presentation was by RHS Listed speaker, Rodney Tibbs, journalist, author and contributor to a number of publications on garden topics.

The subject of his presentation was, “Patio Gardening and Gardening in Small Spaces”.

He focused on small gardens and small areas of larger gardens. As modern gardens get smaller and smaller, the lot of a gardener can be a frustrating one. Rodney concentrated on three areas, plans and ideas, methods of growing plants suitable for pots and patios, and some finished schemes.

No doubt members will be developing many of his examples into their own gardens next year.

Refreshments were provided by Ann Ford & Chris Maxfield.

Additional Information

The programme for 2013 is yet to be finalised. Details of this will be published on this website both in “Clubs and Groups” – “Isleham Gardeners” and the “Events Calendar”. Members will also be emailed individually. It will also be printed on the 2013 membership cards.